1. Main Attrakionz Instrumentals

  2. In This Room
    Squadda B

  3. Life & Times
    Squadda B

  4. Mind Gone
    Squadda B

  5. SM3
    Squadda B

  6. Cloud Ether
    Squadda B

  7. Seventh Sense
    Green Ova

  8. One Of A Kind (Remix) [feat. Deezy Dolla & Pepperboy] *Prod. by Uptown Greg*
    Squadda B

  9. Spots (Produced by bladedancer & Keyboard Kid)
    Squadda B

  10. My Greenova Valentine '19 (Instrumentals)
    Squadda B

  11. How Can I (Produced by titmouse)
    Squadda B

  12. My Green Ova Valentine '19
    Squadda B

  13. The Lost Tapes '19
    Squadda B

  14. Secret Mixtape 2018 (Instrumentals)
    Squadda B

  15. Fith x Squadda B
    Fith x Squadda B

  16. Special Edition Instrumentals
    badluck x squadda b

  17. My Greenova Valentine
    Squadda B, Animal & Robbie Rob

  18. Green Ova's Greatest Hits (Produced By Squadda B)

  19. Side A/Side B (Feb 2015)

  20. Side A/Side B (July)

  21. Side A/Side B (June)
    Squadda B

  22. 10th Grade Dropout
    Squadda B

  23. Back To Playtime
    Squadda B

  24. I Smoke Because I Dont Care About Death 2

  25. In The Name Of Greenova EP
    Hollywood Squadda

    Hollywood Squadda

  27. Road To Playtime
    Hollywood Squadda

  28. .Lima,Dirty. Adult Swim
    Hollywood Squadda

  29. Triple F.A.T Goose

  30. Death Of Squadda Bambino (Made in 2010)

  31. Northside Bad Guy
    Hollywood Squadda

  32. The World Bout To End (Renewed)

  33. My Room Look Like A Mall
    Hollywood Squadda

  34. Rythym & Zone


  36. Squad Ready I Declare War

  37. Back $ellin Crack
    Squadda B (of Main Attrakionz)

  38. DJ Kirby x Squadda B - Back $ellin Crack Pre-Tape

  39. MondreHott

  40. Rappers Ain't $#!% Without A Producer

  41. Chandelier

  42. Blackberry Ku$h
    Main Attrakionz

  43. Shady Business
    Shady Blaze

  44. Dope Since '91

  45. The Shady Bambino Project

  46. I Smoke Because I Dont Care About Death
    Squadda B (of Main Attrakionz)


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